We sell data cabling and telephone cabling in adelaide

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Our Company

We strive to be the best in our field and hope to be the number one choice for customers in Adelaide in the domestic, commercial and industrial market sectors.

With years of cabling knowledge and experience amongst our cablers we are able to offer great advice and solutions.

We're proudly South Australian with a mission to provide all our clients with a smile on their face and a sense of value for their money.


Our Suppliers:

We sell data and telephone cabling in Adelaide

Ubiquiti Networks

An American company based in San Jose California, Ubiquiti Networks provide quality wireless hardware at an affordable price.  Suitable for all applications from domestic to corporate.

We sell data and telephone and security cabling in Adelaide


China based TP-Link manufacture network equipment such as swithes, modem, access points and routers.  Affordable yet quality hardware suitable for all applications. 

We sell data and telephone cabling in Adelaide

WiFi Hot Spots

We can help to integrate your wireless hotspot for your cafe, caravan park, theme park, shopping centre, school campus or any other organisation.  Industrial and commercial is one of our specialties.

We sell data and telephone cabling in Adelaide

Wave 1

We can supply Wave 1 equipment or install your Wave 1 equipment.  Having worked for Wave 1 in the past we've an established business relationship with them.

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Wireless Network Installation

Connecting you through wireless technlogies

Cabletecs wireless network systems Adelaide engineers are well-trained, experienced, and certified to undertake the designing, installation, and management of a wireless network. We know that a highly secure and fast wireless network is vital both for your home and business. Thus, we specialize in both commercial wireless network installation Adelaide and Domestic wireless network installation Adelaide. Our wireless network installation offers the most dependable technologies and support. We use the latest solutions in the industry along with our years of experience. Our high-class wirelss network installation services offer you with.
  • A future-proof network
  • Simple access to the needed information
  • Quicker response time
  • Quicker productivity and collaboration
  • An enhance network infrastructure.

Cabletecs specialise in the installation of cabling for Wireless Access Points in warehouses, factories, homes and offices. Specifically we can install your cabling needs for roof mounted or wall mounted outlets, wireless access points and bridges, ip cameras, CCTV and more.

With recent installations at Bakels, Scribo Group, Scholle Packaging, Pope Packaging and Corinthian Doors. We have been sub contracted for jobs at Amcor and Holco meats through various wireless equipment companies along with microwave from CBD multi story high-rise buildings to convention centres. In other states we have installed microwave links in Broken Hill, Mildura and Mount Gambier, Adelaide, Nullarbor Plain, Central Australia, Queensland and Darwin.


We can install a cabling infrastructure to suit your needs in as little as a few hours up to a more complex system which can take up to a few days or weeks. Whatever the application….Cabletecs can help. We have experience in cabling indoors and outdoors including freezer rooms, cold storage, ferries, trucks and production line environments operating up to 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We can install both copper and fibre optic cabling in your warehouse or factory or even sporting venue.

We sell data and telephone cabling in Adelaide

Our preferred use of Ubiquiti products means we can provide a solid, recognised and global product at an affordable cost.  With Access Points starting at only $220.00, connecting your site couldn't be easier.  Our systems are supplied with POE, access hardware and software setup.


Robust Features, Powerful Analytics and No Fees..Cabletecs Sell and Install Ubiqiuit Wireless
Easy to use, yet packed with advanced features including detailed statistical reporting, multiple views, full camera settings, advanced analytics and customizable event recordings — all without licensing fees or support costs.

We sell data and telephone cabling in Adelaide All Types of Installations
Are you having a trouble with your wifi internet? is your internet cutting out while doing important work?  then we are the experts installing the wireless networks according your needs and bulding structure, Wireless installations are not just restricted to commerical and industrial applications. We also install wireless systems in homes, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, universities, hotels/motels and cafe's. Our residential product soltuions are powerful enough to suit a variety of applications. With sleek, attractive and inconspicuous design the Ubiquiti UniFi product range is a great solution to your wireless needs.

Wireless Network Design And Installations

For indoor wireless network installation services, we use the best equipment. This offers us with excellent capacity and range along with eliminating interference. With our superior technology:

  • You will get more than an off-the-shelf customer grade product
  • Your access point will always get the highest throughput and best connection
  • You will be able to allow network-wide management that does not takes time to establish, adjust or adapt to your requirements.

With us, you can also get wireless network services like zone planning, site surveys, and professional advice of the kind of set-up perfect for you. Coupled with our technology, our team has developed its own exclusive 100% coverage guarantee and 4-step system to ensure that your wireless network installation always meets the best standards:

  • Step 1 – Surveys:Our team will map out the capacity and radio frequency coverage of the designed area to guarantee the best results possible.
  • Step 2 – Design:A wireless network designed by us factors in the scalability for potential growth including, security, coverage, redundancy, and capacity.
  • Step 3 – Implementation:Our highly experienced wireless network installers and Data Cabling Adelaide experts work together to install networks with not or little disruption to a business and display how you can maintain it.
  • Step 4 – Post Installation Survey:Following the implementation stage, we will do a compete wireless site survey. It guarantees that we have offered the right capacity and coverage needed by you.

Except for wireless network installation services, we are dedicated to offer reliable connectivity for Security Systems Adelaide as well. We can design customized network solutions in each building to offer high-performance and cost-efficient networks.

we install data cabling in adelaide
IP Phones/ Telehone Cabling
we install data cabling in adelaide
NBN Cabling and Repairs we install data cabling in adelaide Home Automation
we install data cabling in adelaide
MDF/IDF connections and new designs
we install data cabling in adelaide
Data Cabinets, Servers Deployment we install data cabling in adelaide Smart Cabling in New Buildings
we install data cabling in adelaide
  Structure Design and Planning
we install data cabling in adelaide
  Office Relocations we install data cabling in adelaide Wireless Access Points Installations
we install data cabling in adelaide   Data and Structure Cabling
we install data cabling in adelaide
  EFTpos Sockets we install data cabling in adelaide Access Control and Integrations
we install data cabling in adelaide
Intercom Systems installation
we install data cabling in adelaide
Cable Certification we install data cabling in adelaide TV Anetnnas and Foxtel Installations
we install data cabling in adelaide
Point to Point Wireless Network
we install data cabling in adelaide
SCADA Machinery Cabling we install data cabling in adelaide Remote CCTV Solutions
we install data cabling in adelaide   Bosch Security Alarm Systems
we install data cabling in adelaide
  Cat6a, Cat8 Installations we install data cabling in adelaide Site Telecommunicaiton Audits
we install data cabling in adelaide
  Security Camera Installations
we install data cabling in adelaide
  Fibre Optic Termination/ Installations we install data cabling in adelaide HD Distribution



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